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Leads are the life of your business 

Yet there’s not ONE metric or media choice that’s the
holy grail of lead generation 


That’s why if you’ve been…

...going all in creating visuals for your Instagram channel (only to end up with more followers than buyers)

...investing tons of dollars into SEOing your website (with no budget left over for content marketing efforts)

…spending hours sharing your expertise through blogging (only to run out of time to actually promote your work)

...getting five-star testimonials from your clients (without a plan to get those client wooing words on Google)

...investing in Facebook ads to drive more traffic to your website (yet you’re lacking a plan to add people to your list)

You’ve already experienced the unpredictable results that focusing on ONE tactic brings to your bottomline. 

That single-minded approach is better suited to personal brands, affiliate marketers, or businesses who want to rely only on referrals to generate leads.

There’s a better way to find consistent leads. 

Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Focus on prevalent strategies suited to professional service businesses  

Your number one focus as a professional service business is to bring relevant traffic to your door–virtual or otherwise. 

Once there, your next goal is to maximize the likelihood that your potential clients will book a sales call, contact you, or sign up to your email list. You need to find a way to establish a connection so you can build the relationship that leads to a sale.

Yet there’s not one strategy or tactic that works for every business. 


So, how do you learn what will work best for yours?

First, you need to identify where the gaps are in your foundation. 

Does your business show up in search engines? 

Are there multiple opportunities for leads to find what you offer? 

Do you have easy-to-discover reviews that prove your business is best?

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself to forecast the financial health of your business.  

Because without a solid B+ rating or higher, in reliable lead generation strategies, your business revenue will ride the feast or famine rollercoaster until you’re either broke or burnt out.

Imagine if you were your own best marketer...

No more relying on only ONE popular tactic, or worse, being everywhere, doing everything. 

Let’s jump into your future, where you’d have a system for...

Encouraging clients to leave five-star testimonials on Google

Staying relevant in the search results with content marketing and regular SEO updates

Increasing opportunities to be found by potential clients through directories, social media, and content creation

Knowing how much of your marketing spend is focused on paid vs organic traffic 

….and even better, you’d have a marketing plan that told you exactly what goals your professional service business is working towards so you could stay laser focused on only the strategies and tactics that matter. 

And that’s where Maguire Marketing comes in, to help you learn what you need to do to get leads for your business. 

Introducing the...

Lead Generation Kit 
For Professional Services

Your step-by-step manual of do-it-yourself resources and strategies to get you up and running with quality leads that flow to your business. 


Use it as a field guide going forward to focus on actions that will bring you leads.

By the time you get to the end of this kit, you’ll be able to…

Go from beginner to competent marketer

Know how to come up with a marketing budget 

Check the health of your current lead generation strategies

Create a roadmap for generating profitable leads

Identify which strategies deserve a spot in your marketing plan

Build a more effective content calendar for your target audience

...and much more.

What Makes The Lead Generation Kit Different?

Proven Strategies

We’ve paired our 20+ years marketing experience with digital strategies that work for professional services who are looking for predictable and scalable client work.

Actual Examples

Because strategies without examples doesn’t make implementation easy. Peek at actual roadmaps and plans behind lead generation tactics that have led to increased revenue.

Real End-Goal

Work your way through the kit modules and by the end, you’ll know how to complete 1) a lead generation roadmap and 2) a marketing plan.

Peek At The Resources Inside The Lead Generation Kit

How Much To Spend On Marketing

Until you hit multiple six-figures, your marketing spend will be limited, but there’s a lot you can do when you’re focused on the right strategies. Learn how to calculate what percentage of your revenue should be directed to lead generating activities and which key basics you’ll want to focus on first.

Utilizing Paid & Organic Traffic

More traffic means more customers. Discover the differences between paid and organic traffic. Then learn how to optimize organic traffic to boost your spot in search results through strategies like SEO, content, social media and much more.

How To Create A Lead Generation Roadmap

Your lead generation roadmap is your masterplan. It lays out exactly what you need to focus on and when so you can stop guessing which activities will bring you more leads. We’ll show you how to audit your digital presence to see where the gaps are, and how to rank the areas that are urgent or can wait. 

Create Your Marketing Plan

Work on your business by creating a comprehensive marketing plan focused on three essential areas: market analysis, marketing strategy, and go-to-market plan. Discover which ideas may need parking for another year, and when to use data to make decisions versus listening to your ‘gut instinct’ as a business owner. 

Making Social Media Work For You

Spoiler alert: You don’t need you to be on every social platform, but a solid content marketing plan is essential to driving customer action on social media. Learn how to build an effective content calendar that focuses on what your target audience actually needs and gets a ton of mileage out of your efforts.

Professionals already benefiting from these strategies...

Our business was doing well but we knew that we could do more in Sales. The Lead Generation Kit helped us get laser-focused so that we could look at funnel development and e-courses in a different way. Maguire Marketing Group knows what they are doing!

Michelle Daides
Director and Producer

The Lead Generation Kit by Michelene Maguire of Maguire Marketing Group helped me identify my target market for a new online service and put a strategy and plan into place! 

Leanne Monaghan
Wellness Coach


Get Access To A Special Bonus:  
Sample Social Media Posts


No more wasting time guessing what to post! Use this mini-resource guide to get strategic about the visuals and captions behind your social media posts. 

Using examples, we’ll walk you through the logic behind the types of posts that drive engagement while showcasing your expertise.

What Makes The Lead Generation Kit Different?

The entire Lead Generation Kit curriculum that teaches you how to audit your current lead generation efforts, create a roadmap to quickly improve your digital presence, and put together a marketing plan that focuses on your key customer growth goals.

Learn through...

5 on-demand videos, led by Mich Maguire, ready for you to discover how to best market your business

60+ pages of actionable lead generation strategies

6+ downloads, filled with visual instances of the marketing techniques in use

...and a bonus resource, with examples of social media captions.

Enrol in the Lead Generation Kit
For Professional Services for only $47


The Lead Generation Kit is designed for professional services like…









...and other coaches, consultants, educators, or trainers who serve clients and are looking for a reliable do-it-yourself way to bring steady leads into their growing business.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

Take action with the Lead Generation Kit for 30 days. Watch the short training videos and try implementing the strategies within your professional service business. 

If even one idea generates one more customer, then your investment is more than worth it. But, if after 30 days, you can't already see how implementing these ideas will set you up to bring more visibility to your business, then let us know. Simply email [email protected] and show us that you implemented all our recommendations–and we’ll refund your full investment. 

Swap Fluffy Ideas
For Effective Actions

Acquire more customers with the Lead Generation Kit
For Professional Services




Meet Mich Maguire, aka the Lead Queen

Dubbed the Lead Queen by clients and her staff, Michelene Maguire has been helping businesses bring in leads that directly lead to multiple 7-figure revenue for decades.

Mich knows that making the right marketing decisions begins with pinpointing the best use of your resources and marketing spend so you can get the most leads.

That’s why Mich and her team created the Lead Generation Kit to show professional service businesses, like you, what to focus on to benefit from more profitable customers.

100's of Business Owners Have Trusted Mich Maguire To Set Their Businesses Up To Generate Leads On Autopilot

Here’s What One Of Them Had To Say…

Working through my Buyer Persona with Maguire Marketing Group and her Lead Generation Kit methodology really anchored my strategy and business. I am growing year over year and it is so exciting!

Barbara Santen
Dating Coach

Questions That Might Be Popping Up For You

Review Everything You’ll Get Inside The Lead Generation Kit


Enroll in the kit, and learn...

How to calculate your marketing spend

The differences between paid and organic traffic

Ways to optimize organic traffic to boost search results

How to audit your digital presence to find gaps

What must go in your lead generation roadmap

Market analysis, marketing strategy, and a go-to market plan

How to create a comprehensive marketing plan

To build an effective content creation plan

Bonus: Examples of compelling social media posts

For a limited time, you can get access to everything inside for $47.